Carhartt Men’s Apparel & Accessories

High Country Lumber in Bishop and Mammoth, CA, is proud to bring you an exclusive collection of Carhartt’s top-rated men’s apparel and accessories. From rugged workwear to reliable outdoor gear, we offer a curated selection of Carhartt hats, beanies, clothing, socks, boots, and gloves. Whether you’re braving the wild trails or taking on a demanding job, our Carhartt selection has something for every man’s needs.

Garden & Workwear Essentials

To complement our Carhartt collection, we’ve also stocked essential garden and workwear accessories. Our garden hats and gloves will protect you during those long hours in the garden, while our mechanic and leather working gloves provide the safety and dexterity required for specialized tasks. Don’t forget to explore our stylish and functional sunglasses that provide the ultimate eye protection. High Country Lumber is not just a hardware store; it’s a destination for quality, comfort, and style.

Build in Style

  1. Carhartt Men’s Collection: Hats, beanies, clothing, socks, boots, and gloves designed for durability and comfort.
  2. Garden Essentials: Protect yourself from the sun and dirt with our garden hats and gloves.
  3. Workwear Must-Haves: Mechanic and leather working gloves to suit all your specialized tasks.
  4. Eye Protection with Style: A variety of sunglasses for every face shape, providing both aesthetics and functionality.


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