Cooling Essentials

Nestled within the scenic High Deserts and Mountains of the Eastern Sierra’s Bishop and Mammoth, CA, High Country Lumber is here to help keep you cool during those hot months. Don’t let the summer heat dampen your spirit; our state-of-the-art cooling equipment ensures that you stay cool and relaxed all season long. Browse our selection of  window and portable air conditioners, evaporative swamp coolers (full home and portable), ceiling fans, and more.


Mini Splits:
A New Solution to Cooling Your Home

Are you looking for a new way to keep your home cool with all the ducts? Check out the Mini Split Ductless Air-Conditioner and Home Heater. Not only does it eliminate the ducts but the Mini-Split enables “Zone Control”, now you choose what parts of your home are cooled or heated when. The best part… it’s affordable! Check out Mini-Splits available through ACE Hardware.


Products To Keep You Cool

  1. Ceiling Fans & Parts: High Country Lumber has a selection of Ceiling Fans from tops brands including Hunter & Westing House.
  2. Evaporative Coolers: Swamps coolers tend to be the most effective cooler in our dryer climate. We carry large coolers for your entire home, window coolers and portable coolers.
  3. Cooler Pads, Filters and Parts: We have you covered to improve air quality and reduces funky smells. Did you know you should clean your cooler pad 1-2 times per season and replace your Cooler pad ever 2-3 years? High Country Lumber has parts available to keep your Cooler running smooth like Cooler Pumps, Cooler Motors.
  4. Thermostats and Vent Covers: Keep things looking nice in the home too with new vent covers and a range of Thermostats with varying functions.

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